February 23rd, 2005


From stoney321, the 10 things meme

10 things I have done that you probably haven't:

1. I represented Minnesota at the International Science Fair (and I may have been the only student attending that wasn't currently taking a science or math class).
2. I owned a comic book store.
3. I won a trip through a contest. Free airfare, hotel, the works.
4. I have gone head first off a 4 story building (on purpose).
5. I have had photos I took published in a book.
6. I have thrown a live hand grenade, and fired a LAW (Light Anti-Tank Weapon), which is the thing Rambo fired out of the helicopter.
7. I have been inside the Tiger Barn at the Minnesota Zoo.
8. I have gotten a ticket for going the wrong way down a one way.
9. I have gone shopping at the L.A. Coroner's Office
10. I have fallen asleep standing up. (and not fallen over)

I was going to also put in that I have petted a lion, but then I remembered that zerbie has also done this!
Damn, it's hard to think up 10 things...
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lump yawn


You know you've stayed up too late when someone across the ocean logs into AIM because it's morning there...
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Puppet Angel

Ok, time to stop procrastinating

Things I have to do before 5:00:
1. Stop at the library to pick up things on hold & return soon to be overdue things
2. Stop at National Camera to buy more film & also to scope out the used lenses to see if there are any particularly good deals
3. Shoot a roll of film
4. Develop it along with the one I shot last night
5. Do a load of laundry so I can wear pants to work tomorrow. (Everyone knows Friday is no pants day, not Thursday!)
6. Call Rick's school & bitch again about the 1098-T they sent because until it's resolved I can't file the tax return & get money.
7. Get out the door of the house in time to be to class at 5:00.

So, I'm outta here.
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