February 27th, 2005


Oscar babbling

Robin Williams used some of the same jokes yesterday at the Independant Spirit Awards.

Yay! Morgan Freeman won!

This whole everyone on the stage thing bites! But not as much as the we're doing it in the aisle thing!

Edna giving the costume award!

Morgan cuddling his Oscar when he's back sitting in the theater!

Mario Van Peebles & his dad are so cute!

Laura Linney! Your hair! Eeek! You looked good yesterday, what happened?

Brazilian Fighting Cockatoos are funny

These four presenters: Penelope & Salma

Natalie Portman is pretty.

This is the year of the ugly eyeglasses.

Puffy Diddy what's-his-face is wearing an ugly ass velvet tux.

I sooo didn't want Hilary Swank to win! Waaah! Give that Oscar to Kate!

Note to self, final credits rolled at 10:41
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(no subject)

So, the Oscars are over & done. My house is empty. I have a cat on my lap. And the Sideways effect caused me to drink wine while watching.
I don't have to work tomorrow... I took a vacation day because the Oscars go so late... Except when they start doing lame ass stuff like awards in the aisles to save time, yet make us sit through not one, not two, but three songs with Beyonce singing. Bleah.
And the Counting Crows song for Shrek 2? Shoulda been Mason Jennings Keepin' It Real
But yay! I can sleep in tomorrow & I have nothing scheduled other than lunch with sleepingzebras on his way through town & an appointment with the Memorial Blood Center vampires tomorrow afternoon.
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