March 29th, 2005

lump yawn


K. I'm tired of Illustrator at the moment.
I'm going to bed...

...if I can convince the 15 pound purring behemoth sitting on me to move!

*sigh* I was a good kid & just worked on homework instead of seeking out more good Buffy/Angelverse fiction. I get extra points for that, right?

nighty-night kids.
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Killer Bunny!

"What's that sulfur smell coming from the egg bin? Ah it must mean the eggs have ripened. Wait a minute! Eggs don't ripen! Eggs don't ripen!"

I came home to the most hideous smell tonight.
Hellbob failed his Boil Eggs roll.
He forgot about them or something, the water all boiled away and the eggs burned then exploded. Just imagine what you think that would smell like and then multiply it by about 10 because you're not even close!
This sounds like something chebutykin would manage to do!
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