April 13th, 2005


Here kitty kitty kitty

Yup. Went to the zoo again last weekend! Turns out that lucky13charm was also there on Saturday although we didn't run into each other. Also, every single loud screaming kid in the entire Twin Cities was there! But I shot a roll & a half of B&W film for my photo class, and a few digital ones because I like the color & the instant gratification!
Some of the digitals are up in my web gallery, including this one of the baby tigers. At almost a year old they don't look like babies anymore, do they?! They still play though. This picture is of Lana (#11144) chasing her sister Nika (#11145)

More animal cuteness can be found HERE

*Edit* The bonding bill was signed to get more funding for the Minnesota Zoo! Hooray!
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