April 21st, 2005

Affleck Angel

lyric meme stolen from kokopellinelli

Take lyrics to a song, paste them to Google Language Tools.
Translate them from English to German, then from German to French, then
from French back to English. Post the lyrics on your blog and ask
people to guess what song it is.

In my bed, I hear Taktgeberhaeckchen and thinks of you correction in the disorder of circle - nothing new the réécran is - hot nights - to almost on the left case memories, time, after that - you represents to sometimes me - me goes too much far ahead it names me, me cannot hear, which says to him to have - you legends - you go slowly - me fall then - the second hand completes

Chorus: * if you to lose, be able you - and to often find you me, if you I himself verfangen to fall you - to look at me becoming to often wait,

after until my to illustrate verblaesst and blacken year the gray to pay attention by window - you to astonish itself, if I OKAYGEHEIMNISSE to fly deep in the impact time outside

Chorus to turn: If you are lost..., They said go slowly - I fall behind the second hand me completes -
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