April 25th, 2005


Weekend update

On Friday I rushed out of work to get to my Ritalin dealer in time. Sucky 494 traffic made me late, but I got in anyway. He concurred with my agreement that the green generics that Walgreens has are better than the white generics that Snyders has. Apparently other patients have told him the same thing.
Then, after getting home Krystal, aka Miss Sayonara Pussy from the MN RollerGirls Atomic Bombshells team, showed up to sell me my tickets, return several DVDs & run off with the last season of Farscape. Then Hellbob came home from work and a little while later Jeanine showed with her laundry to make use of our machines. Mark also called and he came to our place when he was done working. It was quickly decided that we needed to go to El Loro for dinner. Fabulous food, fabulous service & a cute little baby margarita!
Saturday I had an appointment with the MBC vampires. They took a pint o' platelets and a pint o' plasma out of me & sent me merrily on my way. I headed south to (big surprise here...) the Zooooo! Shot another 2 1/2 rolls of B & W film. Hopefully I've got enough now for my final project. The girls (Nika & Lana) are enjoying their larger enclosure but still managed to come up close and be cute! The lynx also posed for me as did the bald eagle! After the zoo it was just a relax at home kind of night.
Yesterday I ran over to Genevra's for a short while to cuddle babies (they were cranky *pout*) and get an idea of the fonts she likes so I can do some logos & such for dreamscapes for my final Illustrator project. Then it was home to wait for Jeanine to show up so we could go to the Roller Derby.
Steph also stopped in for a little while, but we had to kick her out so we could get to the derby. It was our first time attending & it was pretty fun when Krystal's team was playing, but not so much when it was the other team. Mostly cuz we didn't really care which of those two won. But, the Atomic Bombshells did win! Yay!
And that was my weekend. Now I'm at work. Which sucks because, well, it's work. But it sucks a little less than usual because I have a new computer & a flat screen monitor & a new keyboard that doesn't stick & Windows XP instead of 95. But it's still work, so blah! And now my lunch is over...
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