April 26th, 2005



Only two more weeks of classes left! I've really got to stop procrastinating on the Illustrator stuff! It's not even that tough to do. I actually have a harder time coming up with an idea of what to do for each assignment than I do with the assignment itself. Also, we have to do a final project & I was thinking of doing genevra's logo & business cards & such for her jewelry, but I'm not sure if that will incorporate enough illustrator stuff to keep the teacher happy... I dunno... Maybe I'll do an illustration of some sort...
At least for my photo final project I know it will all be zoo photos. I just need to decide whether to focus on just the tigers or to do a bunch of different animals. I have far more tiger pics than anything else because they're so darn photogenic. Also, they are outside & relatively close up so it's much easier to get good exposures of them than, say, the lemurs... but if I do more than just the tigers I can use the really really good camel picture I have. Maybe I should run to Como next weekend to get some different animals. The gorilla there is cool. Well, I just developed 3 rolls of film tonight & once I print up contact sheets of them I'll know if I've got anything good that's not tigers.
This batch of negs themselves look good though. I had been using the Sprint brand chemistry that we use at school & I've just not been happy with the contrast on most of my negatives this semester, so I picked up a thing of Ilford developer which is what I had been using before and my negs look good again. Grr. I should have known better than to switch. If it ain't broke, don't fix it!
And now, off to bed. This is my flex week at work which means Friday afternoon off - yay! But it also means getting to work at 7am instead of 8am - boo!
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