April 27th, 2005


"As soon as you get those time circuits fixed and put new tires on that DeLorean, I'm going back to 1885 and I'm bringing you home"

Chiana has all the keys on her keyboard again! Yay!
I was on the Apple site trying to see what it would take to replace the key Gabe pulled off & they had step by step instructions on how to replace the keys with their weird-ass plastic doohickies. So now I can hit a real key to type ? or / instead of a squishy rubber thing.

hellbob, the reason I went to the Apple store to begin with was to look at what I need to upgrade my RAM. When you're doing computer/boy things can you keep an eye out for a good deal on 512MB PC2700 SDRAM DDR333. I've got two slots in my computer. The Apple store sells them for $150 so if you find it for a better price could you buy me either one or two of them?
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Rick's Birthday

If you can read this you're not Rick, but you're a friend of his!
Birthday filter!

*edit-dropped it back to public filter now that the date has passed*

Our favorite hellbob turns 36 years old on May 3rd. A couple weeks ago I went to Lili's Burlesque Revue with my friend jeanine and we both agreed that we needed to get Rick there because it was something he would love! Girls dancing & stripping down to just g-stings & pasties.
So... We didn't tell Rick anything about the show & we hatched a plan to take him for his birthday without telling him where we are going!

The date for this fun is Saturday May 7th.
We'll be going to dinner first at the Old Spaghetti Factory & then on to the show. The admission at Lili's is $15, and they'll be sure to harrass him a little for his birthday!
I'll post with more details later with the times for dinner & such.
If you can make it, let me know.
Remember, Rick only knows were going to dinner. He doesn't know about the dancing girls!!
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