May 4th, 2005


Happy Birthday!

Happy happy birthday to my wonderful hellbob!!

(ok, technically it was yesterday, but I haven't gone to bed yet so we'll just pretend that it is still the 3rd. And for the record, I didn't forget, I just spent all day working on final projects for school & didn't even log on to the internets for most of the day!)

I love you, Rick! Happy birthday!
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Killer Bunny!

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I am officially done for the semester now. Yay!
I'm very happy with my final project. I ended up with 10 prints that I had mounted for display. The mat board is just a bit over 11x14 so they can very easily be trimmed down and framed. I just have to go back next Wednesday to pick them up and find out my grade on them.
It feels good to be done, but I know I'll be anxious for classes to start by the time they finally do next fall.
And now, back to work tomorrow! Bleah.
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