May 17th, 2005


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In his journal today passaddhi asked the question: In other news, Caribou conversation this morning centered around the five people from history you would like to meet. Don't worry, not in a Monkey's Paw kind of way. Who would you pick?

Wow, it really is tough coming up with five, just spur of the moment.
Here's mine, in no particular order:

The Founding Fathers. Yes, I am cheating & lumping them in as one lot. I want to know what they really thought of the separation of church & state. Were they Christian, or simply men who believed in one god but not neccessarily the Christian one (which I have seen some articles about), or were they really religious but just really didn't want government to have anything to do with it. In other words, what would they think of the direction that the Shrub the lesser is trying to take our country?

Ansel Adams. Duh. One of the greatest nature photographers ever. Anyone who knows me should see this as an obvious choice. I'd love to study photography with him!

My Uncle Roddy. He died when I was in high school before I got into photography. It was cool to me that he was a White House photographer when I knew him, but if I could meet him now I'd probably talk his ear off with all my questions. Looking through all his negatives that my dad has I am just amazed at all the places he's been & the people he's met.

Anne McCaffrey. Yes, she is still alive, but she's like 300 years old & with as much as her writing had gone downhill in the past few years I wouldn't be surprised if she's completely batty by now. I want to meet the Anne McCaffrey who wrote Dragonflight. I found that book in the Fred Moore Junior High library when I was in 7th grade, and it is the book I've read more times than any other in my life.

Leonardo DaVinci. The man was a frickin' genius. And how cool would it be to poke around his workshop?

So, what about you all?
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