May 30th, 2005

Gabe yawn

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Actually did a little gardening tonight. I dug us some of the catnip plants from by the door & put them over by the other side of the driveway so that hellbob can pave that small section for the BBQ. I also moved some other plants that were right where we want to put the garbage cans.
Most of the plants/flowers we've got growing around the house are the ones that the little old lady we bought the house from planted. stoney321, if you ever make it up to Minnesota, my "gardens" will throw your Master Gardener self into fits. Hellbob summed it up pretty good when he said I had a Darwin garden. Survival of the fittest, no human interference. *grin*
But, the iris plants we got from Kris & Daryl's wedding two years ago are doing great & are blooming right now:

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