June 3rd, 2005


"We all had so much in common. Being monster food every other week, for instance."

What a freakin' long week! Nothing in particular either, just long...
Thank the gods I only had to work 4 days!

Last night I got to see a preview of the movie High Tension. It was weird, because the beginning of the movie was dubbed into english, but by the end they were subtitling it instead. It definitely had some creepyness. LOTS of gore & blood. The thing is rated NC-17 & other than one brief naked scene there was no sex, so that should tell you how violent it was. I'm undecided how I feel about the ending.

Today lucky13charm & I were bemoaning our responsible adultness & lack of road trip to Michigan & so we hatched a new plan:
Road trip to Toronto at the end of August for the Canadian National Expo. A three day pass is only about US$30 & there will be enough stuff there to keep hellbob amused, and lucky13charm & I will spend the extra money for the James Marsters lovin'.
Our current very tentative plans are to leave as soon after work as we can on Thursday, Aug 25th and drive east. We'll drive through Madison and Chicago if anyone wants to join our expedition. The plan hasn't gotten as far as figuring out accomodations yet, or even convincing hellbob that this is a good plan and he wants to go. But, we've got over two months to figure things out!

Chatted with frozendragon for a little while tonight. She's getting all ready to move to Minnesota next weekend. Then I went down to clean the heck out of the fridge in the basement. We assumed that the strong mold/mildew/funk smell was because the door had gotten shut after it was turned off. Turns out that was only a minimal part of the problem. When I opened the freezer compartment to clean that I found what used to be a frozen dinner. Ew! It was now a box of dried out alien spores. Scary! So, yeah, bleached the hell out of that fridge! Although just removing the box took care of almost all of the odor. Fancy that.

In other news, dakegra has hooked a microphone up to his computer and has been doing some test recordings in preparation for doing podcasts. He's British and he has a wonderful voice. Y'all should bop on over to his journal & give 'em a listen.
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