June 10th, 2005



I hate cleaning! We have so much crap in our basement that should have been thrown rather than hauled down in the first place.
I look at a room full of stuff like that and I just don't know where to start, what to do first. Especially if it's not all my stuff.
If it's all mine I obviously know what to throw and what to keep.
Ricks stuff? I don't even know what all of it is, let alone if it is important. All the tools & metal bits & pieces. Ack.
And Rick is still working on door frames. Actually he's on a Home Despot trip at the moment so I'm kind of on my own and I just don't know what to do.
Rick says to just start hauling stuff that's garbage out & stacking stuff that's either not garbage or that we know we're keeping.
Yeah, simple. I'll do that. Ugh.
Then he said I did fine with the cleaning out of the spare room upstairs, and this is essentially the same thing. But it's not really, because very little of it is my stuff. With the spare room a lot of crap got thrown out but it was all my crap that I knew there was no reason to keep. Anything of Rick's crap that I came across while doing it went into a box that I took into the computer room and said 'this is all boy stuff. you figure out what to do with it'
I was hoping to come home to the doors already done so Rick could just point to stuff for me to haul out or upstairs while he worked on the cleaning & moving stuff too. I so can't do it by myself.
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Hooray for Minnesota geeks!

Based on the current ebay listings, it appears that the tickets got into the hands of the fans rather than scalpers. Of the 20+ cities where there are screening tickets up for sale, there are no Minneapolis ones! Much as I could use $500 or so (tix are going for $50-$75 per pair) I'd much rather recoup just the $9.50 ticket price and enjoy the reactions to the movie of the nine Serenity virgins I have tickets for. frozendragon timed her move to Minneapolis well, because she'll get to see it this time.
I know the odds of Minneapolis being the city to get Joss are slim to none, but there is still a chance... 35 cities, one Joss. Tell me again why cloning is bad?
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