June 13th, 2005

Jon Stewart

Weekend update

I was pretty quiet all weekend because of the HellHouse Minion Acquisition.
Friday night was Hellbob finishing the doors & me doing some of the hauling of crap, and vacuuming (Until I broke the vaccuum cleaner's belt, that is...)
Me & Hellbob are both so bad at getting things done until it is "OMG! This needs to be done NOW!!" time. But he got the new doors all installed & everything & it's just cosmetic stuff left to do there. My dad & Hellbob got the stove hauled down into the basement although we won't have the gas hooked up for at least a week (You can get it done free, or you can get it done fast. We opted for free).
The laundry room half of the basement is full of lots of stuff that needs to be stacked somewhere, given away, or thrown away. We will probably just get a dumpster later this week. The longer I have the house the better I am at saying, "You know, we don't need this, we'll never use it, there is no reason to keep it!"
frozendragon and FrozenDad showed up at about 5pm on Saturday after driving all the way from Indiana. Some stuff was hauled in right away like clothes & the air mattress. There was also some figuring out of which furniture that was down there she would want to keep & which she didn't. The basement had turned into the furniture we're not using repository.
My knees were reminding me last night why I don't live in a basement.
Well, lunch is over for me... back to work!