June 19th, 2005


Gotta love this man!

As if bringing a pretty young boy toy to the Oscars a few years ago wasn't a good enough reason, here's another reason to love Ian McKellen:

If you’ve got Mystique as your girlfriend the fun you could have in bed - I’ve just imagined X-Men 3 might open with me in bed with Patrick Stewart.
– Sir Ian McKellen (talking on Teletext.co.uk)

That man has good taste!
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Just say no to crack!

hellbob could have a new career as a plumber! He replaced both toilets in the house with new ones. My husband is so talented! And he managed to do it without the nasty plumber butt crack going on!
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"Hi. Welcome to my office. And we usually reserve this kind of talk for casual sex Friday."

Poor hellbob got stuck at work late on Friday. When you are the guy in charge of the virus & spyware server and a virus hits at 5pm on a Friday, you are the one who gets to stay. Because of this he opted not to join in the trip to the burlesque show with scubagrrl. She was in town for her little brother's wedding & so on Friday Jeanine & I kidnapped her from his wedding rehearsal.
We started with dinner at El Loro. Since scubagrrl lives in Los Angeles, finding really good Mexican food probably isn't as rare as it is here in Minnesota.
After dinner, it was off to Lili's Burlesque Review. There were several new acts that Jeanine & I hadn't seen before. There crowd was very disappointing though. It seemed as though very few people were coming up front to tip. scubagrrl was drinking apple martini's and the two of those she had along with the BIG margarita at El Loro made for a drunk scubagrrl by the end of the night.
The night was fun, but scubagrrl's mom needs to move closer to the cities! Driving her home to Ham Lake made for a very late night!
Also, I am currently Moose-less because scubagrrl is going to Scandanavia for about a week, and now so is Moose! And she promised to mail him home in time for CONvergence.