June 20th, 2005

Opus Spock

"I'm a swim groupie. Oh, yeah, you know, there's just something about the smell of chlorine on a guy. Oh, baby."

Saturday was akdar's annual birthday party at his mom's house. I know, you're all wondering why a guy who's 30 something would have his party at his mom's house, aren't you? It's the pool! His mom & step dad have a fabulous in-ground pool that we all invade one day a year. This year was some of the best swimming weather we've had in recent history. Kind of surprising considering how many rainy weekends we've had this year!
I was a tired puppy by the time we got home.
Too much swimming, too much sun (but no sunburn!), too much food... but it was fun!
The twins were so cute in their little swimming floaties. I still can't believe they're already a year old.

Hey, mhuot, do you have the Serenity countdown widget yet?

Today I went to the Stone Arch Festival with genevra and the twins. Lots of prettys, but I didn't buy anything. I grabbed cards from most of the photographers though, so I can research to have an idea of what kind of prices to sell stuff at. Today, I got sunburned. Just my shoulders though, and it really doesn't hurt. Then I came home and spent most of the evening running back & forth to stores for hellbob as he worked on the toilets.

I also stopped at KFC to pick up our dinner. Now, everyone knows that if you want to substitute dark meat for white you have to pay extra b ecause even though breasts are usually icky & dry they seem to have a higher price. I was just going to get a bucket of chicken and I wanted it 2/3 dark & 1/3 white instead of half and half. They said there would be an extra charge! WTF? You want me to pay more because I'm getting 1 breast instead of 2? I don't think so!

Now I've got to stop procrastinating and fill out my forms for the ADD doctor tomorrow. Appointment is at 9am, so I have to do them tonight. I never remembered to give hellbob his, and I never remembered to give my parents theirs, and I barely remembered to give lucky13charm hers, so I'll just be taking mine in tomorrow and letting them know that I'll get the rest to them later this week or next. I don't even have my next appointment for a month so that should be ok. Besides, it's a frickin' Attention Deficit Disorder clinic! I'm pretty sure I'm not the first person to show up there with an incomplete packet!

I'll probably just park in the MCTC parking ramp & walk across the park to the doctor's office. That's going to be the easiest way to deal with parking for a 5 hour appointment. Also, if I have any energy left after 5 hours of tests, I'll go to MCTC and take the frickin' written assessment test so they will believe that I know how to read! You'd think that after taking over 25 credits there with a 4.0 GPA that I could have an easier time convincing them that I know how to construct a sentence!
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I feel all tested out...
I had my ADD appointment this morning and I took the number clicky test, an IQ test, a knowledge test, the Stroop color word test, a copy the drawing on the card test, a psychological test (like a mini MMPI) and then the clicky test again...
The clicky test is one to test your attention, both visual & audio. The computer in a random pattern will either display a 1 or 2 or say 1 or 2 out loud and you have to click the mouse only when it is a one. This test lasts for like 15 minutes and it is insanely boring!
Then, because 3 hours of tests didn't feel like enough, I stopped in the testing center at MCTC and finally took the stupid reading comprehension test. I have over 50 credits that have transferred. I've taken 27 credits at MCTC and maintained a 4.0 GPA. And yet, I wasn't able to register for any classes outside the graphics program because they didn't believe that I could read. So I took the test, scored the highest placement possible and will now hopefully be able to register for classes like a normal person.
I think now it is time to nap on the couch.
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