June 24th, 2005

This land

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Home from the second viewing of Serenity.
Checking out the threads to see where the stars went. None were here.
Sean Maher (Simon) was in Toronto
NJ had Morena (Inara)
Houston had Summer Glau (River)
Rumor had it that Joss was going to the Riverside, CA showing.

Also, a quick scan of ebay completed auctions for Serenity tickets I only saw one Minneapolis sale. Two of the people who were in the theater with us paid $61.25 per ticket! It was a good movie, but I know I wouldn't have paid that!

I'm very tired now. Will update my Serenity Spoilers filter tomorrow so that I can post about how Darth Vader is Mal's father without ruining it for y'all who haven't seen it yet.