June 29th, 2005


Cover songs

Remember a while back when I was asking people for favorite cover songs?
I've hit the mother-lode!
I discovered podcasts a couple weeks ago after dakegra put some recordings out there of his sexy British voice. One of them is a show called Coverville which consists entirely of cover songs, many of them obsure or weird. Brian Ibbott does the show 3 times a week, and it is generally 6 songs per show. With 104 shows under his belt it is going to take me a while to get through them!
On his site, each show has a listing of the songs covered and a link to download it to listen. The one thing his site seemed to be lacking was a comprehensive list of everything together to make it easier to look for certain songs or artists. So I emailed Brian to see if such a thing existed. It does, but it's not on the site. He's required to do a list every quarter for the licensing agencies, but some of the companies that license songs don't want it on the site. So it's not out there but Brian offered to email it to me when he had it finished. Yay! It's impossible for me to keep track of things like artist names & such without some kind of written record, so this will make it sooo much easier! As if I didn't have enough music on my iPod to keep me busy, now it's being overrun by Podcasts!
If you are going on the Great Toronto Roadtrip it's probably a sure bet that I will make you listen to some of my favorites!

If you know as little about podcasting as I did a month ago, here are the basics: Most podcasts are actually in mp3 format, so you don't really need an iPod or iTunes. They are basically radio shows, but they are put out there as files rather than broadcast over the air. They all have RSS feeds for you to subscribe and there is software out there that will take care of downloading the newest episodes for you.
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I thought Tiger was an upgrade?

Apparently Tiger has built-in maintenance scripts that run daily that delete temporary files, tidy up system logs, etc. and those things consume extra disc space. The problem with Tiger is that these now run when you start up, rather than while running, so if you leave your computer on for a few days the scripts don't run as often as they should so it uses up disc space. Grr. I leave my computer on usually, so I'm going to have to think about shutting down.
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