July 6th, 2005


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More random CONvergence ramblings (in short bursts because I'm at work):

When I met Len Wein as lexinatrix was following him through the dealer's room I told him that Nightcrawler is my absolute favorite comic character & he said "Cool. It's so nice to hear that because everyone's favorite is usually Wolverine"
Also, when I brough my autograph book/sketch book for him to sign, it was his shortest signature of the con I'm sure. I had met him 10 years ago in Chicago & already gotten his signature & a quick Batman sketch. On Sunday he just added the second ear on Batman that he hadn't put on there before & added an "& '05" under his previous signature which was dated "'95"
No name scribble required!
Martin Zellar

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Some of y'all that I saw this weekend got copies of my Minnesota mix disc. I haven't mailed any yet however.
Here's the list of the songs:
1 Christmas Card from a Hooker in Minneapolis, Kacey Jones This song was originally by Tom Waites, but I like this version better.
2 Minneapolis, That Dog
3 Minneapolis, The Baseboard Heaters
4 Minneapolis, Jonathan Rundman
5 Minneapolis, Jason Lee Because everyone needs four songs with the title Minneapolis
6 Death On Hennepin, The Flash Girls
7 Ballad Of Paul And Sheila, Mason Jennings Mason is an incredible musician and you all should go buy all his albums! This song is about the deaths of Paul & Sheila Wellstone.
8 Kandiyohi, The Honeydogs
9 The Biggest Ball of Twine In Minnesota, Weird Al Yankovic
10 Big River, Trick Pony Johnny Cash did this song first, but not only does it mention St Paul, MN, but one of the members of Trick Pony, Ira Dean, is from St Paul.
11 Duluth, Mason Jennings
12 Lack of Friends, Filthy Divine One of the members of Filthy Divine is Nick, who hellbob used to work with at his last job.
13 Little Red Corvette, Gear Daddies A classic song by a Minnesota legend covered by my favorite Minnesota band!
14 Darling Nikki, Prince And The Revolution
15 Dead Set On Destruction, Trip Shakespeare Trip Shakespeare is another local band, and I believe this song was also done by Husker Du
16 Bedslats, Trailer Trash The Trailer Trash CD was recorded at Lee's Liquor Lounge, and one of the members of the group is Randy from the Gear Daddies
17 Misery, Soul Asylum
18 I'll Be You, The Replacements
19 Big Sandals, Martin Zellar Martin was also one of the Gear Daddies. And you've just got to love a song that mentions shotgunning Old Mil.
20 Boys Will Be Boys, Gear Daddies

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Couple more convention musings:

geohard shaved his mustache off completely for masquerade. I completely did not recognize him when I first saw him. When I got past the shock though I decided it looked really good.

I need to get more hot tub time in next year. Once was not enough.

It was wonderful to get to spend a bunch of time with Nissa & Darek. They are so cute in their "we just got engaged" cuddlyness.

I found out that a couple people who never comment do read my journal on a regular basis. Hi there, lurkers!

I also discovered that I don't like being away from the internets. Just five minutes to check my email makes me happy.
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