July 10th, 2005


"Dumb like a moose, Dib. Dumb like a moose!"

I accomplished two things today.
I mowed the lawn and it sucked. It was way hot out there.
I also updated Moose's photo gallery. I'm kind of disturbed that I have 100 pictures of a stuffed moose.
Click the moose picture to go see more.

*edit* gunthar came up with some brilliant captions for this picture!

"AAHHH! Vampire Moose!!"

"Give it to me straight, Doc. I've got mooses, don't I?"

"My fur really looks it's best after I apply a little moose."

"My lungs burned in the rarified atmosphere and blizzard-whipped ice crystals blurred my vision as I dragged my tortured, travel-weary body over the last moutainous crest and beheld the lost city of legendary Katmandu!"

"Let's see. It says" "MADE IN KOREA"!?! Hey this isn't a real Siamese! It's an illegal copy cat!"
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Photo Spam

Been getting some of my pictures sorted on the computer and uploading some to the web. I've got all the Duran Duran ones in my concert gallery now. I've also put a bunch of pictures of J's dog Zoe out there.
Gallery here

And now for your viewing pleasure, a couple pictures from my yard:

This one is Harvey v. 2.005
Every year I see a rabbit in my back yard, but only ever one at a time. Therefore, it must always be the same bunny, and his name is Harvey.

I've also got my Darwin Garden (survival of the fittest). I've had a few tiny random flowers sprout up in it! It's not much, but it's better than tall grass running rampant.

This land

"How come every time we Chinese build a wall, Mongorians gotta come knock it down?"

hellbob & HellDad were super construction guys today! They built a wall in the basement so that there's a hallway going from frozendragon's bedroom to her bathroom. The garden hose hookup in the back yard is kind of weird in that there is a pipe in the wall, and the hose is actually connected to a faucet in the basement & then the hose is fed out the pipe to the outside. This came in really handy for Dad's nail gun. It needed to be hooked up to an air compressor and they could leave it outside by feeding it's hose down the pipe.
I got to do house work this weekend too. I finally removed the old wallpaper paste from the bathroom walls. Now they are ready to be spackled & coated with the magic anti-mildew paint primer, and then we can put up the new (and not ugly) wallpaper!
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