July 26th, 2005

Cat Attack

I'm sweaty...

...and not in the fun way. At least not the really fun way. *grin*

hellbob got me a DDR pad as part of my B-day present, but the PS2 game to go with it didn't arrive until yesterday. I just did about 10 songs or so on workout mode & I've discovered two things. 1) I suck. A lot. I have NO rhythm and very little balance. 2) I'm incredibly out of shape!

Now I'll cool down & relax while watching my pretty gay boys on QAF. :)
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Wish I Was Dead

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DDR is like the crack, yo.

Hey, frozendragon, if the ceiling starts shaking or I'm thumping around too loudly just let me know. That's a lot of weight I'm throwing around...
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<<---Font Dork

Been browsing the fonts out there even though I don't need any and have no reason to even think about buying any...

I like this one: Oxida
I also like this one: Mrs. Blackfort
I also want this shirt but it doesn't come in XXL.

Also, this site sells Brioso Pro Opticals and Brioso Pro Poster at $414 for the two sets. This amuses me greatly because Adobe gave me all 42 typefaces for free when I registered my Photoshop, and I paid less than $400 for the entire Adobe Creative Suite.

Must stop looking at expensive graphic design sites...
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