July 29th, 2005



Stolen from my beloved hellbob

List five of your own idiosyncrasies and then tag five friends to do the same

1. I sneeze when I walk out into bright sunlight. Apparently it's something 15% of people do. It's called a phototropic response. They also gave it a name I can't remember that acronymises into ACHOO. Which I find silly
2. I do not own any white socks. And only 2 or 3 pairs of solid colored socks. No two pairs are alike. I have at least 5 pairs with monkeys on them.
3. When I deal out Klondike Solitare the pile w/1 card is on the right and the pile w/7 cards is on the left. I have never seen anyone else do this. I do it because I deal cards left-handed.
4. I don't clean the toilet. Really. Ask hellbob. He is a GOD. We've been married for 11 years & he still lets me get away with this. Luckily I thought to put "and I will always clean the toilet so my wife doesn't have to" in the wedding vows right after all that love & cherish crap!
5. I stopped using shampoo about three years ago (or was it four?) Between that & Hellbob's lack of hairs a bottle of shampoo will last for about a year in our house!

(5.5 I am currently obsessed with James Marsters. But you all knew that, right?)

Oh, and who to tag to do this next? Hmmm.
How about all of you? Like I could really pick just five! I want to know all of your weird quirks & idiosyncrasies are! Copy & paste sto that it is in both my comments and your journal!
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