July 31st, 2005


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Hey kids, did ya miss me?
Me, hellbob, genevra, akdar, the twins, JeepBoy, JeepGirl, JeepBaby, Mark, my cousin John, his wife Janet, their daughter S & her cousin E spent the weekend with my parents at their cabin. If you're thinking it sounds a little crowded, you're right! It was fun though.
There were 3 babies and two 7 year olds. Also a dog that stayed outside. We played games. We ate. We went out on the pontoon boat. We saw a pair of loons with their two little babies, we "fell" off the boat in the middle of the lake. It was a good time.
And now I'm back & reading about your lives. Skip=125!
Oh, and hellbob & I also went out to see Sky High earlier tonight. It was pretty good & lots of fun!
Work tomorrow, huh? Do I have to???
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