August 9th, 2005


Notes to myself for the Great Expedition to Toronto

Absolutely don't forget to pack:
-Birth certificate
-Concert ticket
-Camera battery charger
-Maps (although it is a big enough town, I can probably find it without them...)
-The Serenity cards that Ron Glass signed since Adam Baldwin will be there

Stuff to do before leaving:
-Clean out the car (remove anything unnecessary from the trunk so that all our crap can go in there for more room in car)
-Return crap iPod auto charger to WalMart. Buy a real brand.
-Ask Sandy for CF drive to borrow incase I take too many pictures of JM at the concert
-Lose 50-100 pounds so I am hot so JM will want to jump me (ok. that one might not happen...)
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Camera & Harvey update

I noticed Harvey v. 2.005 out in the back yard at about 8:30 so I put the new camera on the tripod & put my 300mm lens on and headed out to see what I could get...
Since it was starting to get dark, even with setting the camera at 800 ASA I had to use a 2 second shutter speed to get a good exposure. Luckily other than a little twitching rabbits sit pretty still.
I would take a few shots, move closer, take a few shots, move closer...
I ended up about 6 feet from Harvey. Here are a few of the shots I got. The blurryness in the first two is not the camera, it is the bunny twitching & such. A two second exposure is pretty long for a living creature, but I was mostly interested in seeing what kind of zoom I could get out of my lens on this camera. Plus, da bunneh, he be kewt. :)

And then I used the flash (which oddly enough didn't make him run away. He just ignored it)
Run!!! It's the Devil Bunny!!!

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