August 10th, 2005

Killer Bunny!

"Sweet fancy Moses!"

Did a respectable amount of DDR tonight. Even managed to pass a couple new songs and improve my scores on others. Some of the songs though... Damn! Every once in a while I'll pick one that's waaaay to hard for me and as I try to keep up my dance moves make Elaine Benes look like a good dancer...
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"Let's move this conversation in a not-Jayne's-fault direction."

Hee hee. I've created a monster. First I loaned the Firefly DVDs to Nikki and she watched the entire thing in one weekend and ordered her own set from Amazon. Then I tempted her to talk her sister into eloping so that she could use her time off to come to Toronto with us to see Teh Marsters sing (but the wedding is still scheduled, no elopement yet). The latest thing I did was send her the web address for the Signal podcast.
Apparently today at work she was listening to a different Sci-Fi one that they had recommended on the Signal. Then I mentioned Coverville... I might have created a podcast addict. *grin*
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