August 19th, 2005


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Two different friend quiz meme things wandering around my friends list:

This one, you put in your user name, it brings back your friends list with ticky boxes and you check the ones you've met in real life. It then just used those names for the questions.

This one doesn't give you the ticky boxes so it can pull anyone from your friends list, but the questions are way more interesting/fun.

Eventually when I do one or the other I'll post it...

dakegra made me do it!

dakegra has resurected the "What's in your bag" meme:
★Uncle Kracker's 72 & Sunny CD
★Handspring Visor
★Power cord for iPod
★Canon G3 digital camera
★Aeryn Sun, my iPod
★Compact flash card reader
★32MB Compact flash card
★Pack of checks (Rocky & Bullwinkle design)
★My stuffed Moose
★bottle of Ritalin (11 pills, 10 mg each)
★black Sharpie, red Sharpie, green Papermate pen
★PowerBook power cord
★AAA TripTik map for Minneapolis to Toronto & assorted notes on gas prices in MN, WI, IL, IN, MI, & ON.
★3 admit two passes for Red Eye, good on August 9th only (maybe I'll just throw those away now...)
Carnivale Season 1, Disc 1 from Netflix
★A pile of bills I need to write checks for
★8-15-05 paystub from work
★Wacom Intuos2 graphics tablet
★pen for graphics tablet
★4 pieces of Wrigley's Extra gum, Cool Mint flavor
★Printout of Canadian Nat' Expo events (James Marsters, 1 pm next Saturday!!)
★10 blank CDs
★1 quarter
★Script for 105 Ritalin tablets (10 mg each)
★Small wallet containing pile o'credit cards (mostly store specific ones)
★Coin purse with Drivers License, Checking Card, Mastercard, Zoo membership card, library card, health insurance card, school ID, and $23.75
★Folder with all the notes & charts for my presentation yesterday.
★Small Crown Royal bag with my business cards in it.
★keychain w/car keys, remote door locker, my house key, a key to my parents house and a key to genevra's house on it. It also has a Serenity keychain that I got at the pre-screening, and a two inch screw that used to be in my knee attatched with a wire wrap.
★assorted papers & notes & bits
★and until just recently Chiana, my 15" Mac PowerBook
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