August 26th, 2005


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In Toronto.
Tolls suck.
Michigan roads are bumpy.
Customs at the border has no sense of humor.
Canadian highway numbering in town is worse than Mpls's 394/494/694/etc.
Toronto's waterfront area has sucky parking.
I haven't eaten yet.
I am within a quarter mile of James Marsters RIGHT NOW!!!!
There are lots of geeks here.
I'm going to join them now.
More update later.


Biggest Mother Fucking Squeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!! EVER!!!!!!!!

James Marsters walking down the hallway to a room filled with fans who have more money to spend on their obsession than me.
Carrying his guitar. Wearing a black shirt and black pants and looking very, very good.
He was literally a foot and a half from me.
He stopped.
He smiled **at me**!
He said "Why thank you, love."
He smiled some more.

All because somehow my "Oh My God, there he is!" brain somehow told my mouth to say "Happy Birthday James!" as he was walking by!!!!!!!!

OMG!!!! And we haven't even gotten to do any of the stuff from our Marsters ticket yet.

Haven't touched him yet.

I will be back online in a few hours. There will be a more coherent update then to include things like Adam Baldwin, Kevin Sorbo, super sweet & helpful Toronto LJ chick, and maybe another squee or two.