September 4th, 2005


Hey all!

Well I managed to waste an entire day in front of the tv with my computer!
My lap didn't get too hot from the computer though because on Friday my ChillPaks arrived, and they make a HUGE difference in the running temp of the computer! Mine look a little different from the ones on the website, because I am apparently one of the first people to get the New & Improved ChillPak Version 2.0. Of course, I never saw Version 1.0 in person so I don't know what the differences are, other than that mine is blue...

All of my pics from the James Marsters Q & A and the James Marsters concert are up in the gallery. Yup, all 176 of them.
I've also got Moose's convention photos up, just not mine. Yeah, I got my priorities: 1. Marsters 2. Moose 3. Me

Yesterday, I was out of work early because it was my flex week. I also had my appointment with the shrink to go over my ADD test results. Apparently I am really smart and only slightly crazy! LOL! He didn't give me the actual number from the IQ test, but I know about where it's at. I also scored in the high 90s percentiles on some knowledge based tests. I found that I still have the most issues with auditory distractions, but one really interesting thing about that was the test results comparing me with & without the Ritalin in my system. The first one, without, I was only at about 50% in the auditory column, The second time when I took it I was almost up at 100% when I had Ritalin. He could also tell that I had had caffeine that day too. :)
Yes, I got the quit the caffeine lecture. I expected it. I knew I needed to eventually anyway. But I like my Diet Mountain Dew! He's also pretty sure I suffer from SAD and will be recommending light therapy. Taking Omega-3 is also recommended. One really interesting fact was that when he mentioned that I should start exercising, and I said that in the last month I had just started with the DDR he said it is absolutely wonderful for ADD people because of the way it works your brain.
It'll be interesting to get his written report so I can see all the results laid out.

Oy, I'm tired. It's hard work doing nothing!
This land


I'm pretty sure that my niece & nephew really are the cutest darn kids, ever!
Of course, they make it tough to work on my Toronto report because as soon as he sees the SHINY!, TechnoMonkey is all over me trying to hit the buttons.

Toronto SFX, Part the Third: The Hero of Canton, the Man They Call Jayne.

Part the First here
Part the Second here

Still on a fangirl squee-filled high we headed on up the escalator to see who was upstairs signing autographs. The two tables right straight ahead from the escalator were the two non-Marsters folks I was most interested in: Adam Baldwin and Kevin Sorbo. It was cool the way they had it set up with the lines coming from around the backs of the booths so that the walkways didn’t get too crowded. There was a little bit of a line for Adam, but not too bad. I’m guessing that everyone who headed from his panel right up to the autograph line had already gone through.

As with most of the folks there, he was charging for autographs, but that didn’t stop us! lucky13charm & I had the Serenity mini posters from the Minneapolis screening that Ron Glass had already signed, and blond_bear had one from a Toronto screening that Sean Maher had “signed.” When she put that down for Adam to sign he looked at the illegible squiggle & said “Who is that? That’s Sean, isn’t it?”

The three of us proceeded to tell Adam that we’d all seen the movie twice and we couldn’t wait to get to see the finished film. I’m sure there was some more fangirl-ish blathering, but I couldn’t tell you what exactly. lucky13charm & I also got our pictures taken with him, and for mine he was holding Moose, of course! I was surprisingly not nervous when talking to him. Probably because of my James encounter.

After meeting Adam we contemplated going through the line for Kevin Sorbo’s autograph, but at that point he was leaving to take a quick break. So we made our plans with BB to meet the next morning and we headed on back to the hotel. I hopped on the net to post my “OMG! James smiled & called me love” entry, and then since I was too wired to think about sleeping yet anyway I grabbed lucky13charm’s TicketBastard ticket to go exchange it for her, and wandered back to the convention center with camera, but no moose.

Once the ticket had been successfully exchanged I decided to head upstairs to see if there was anything interesting going on. Kevin was back in his booth, and there wasn’t much of a crowd at this point, so I stopped by to see if I could get a picture. Even though I didn’t have my cash on me, so I couldn’t buy one of his photos, he was really nice & gracious. After we were talking about Minnesota for a little while I was going to take his picture & he insisted that I should be in it too and had his assistant take the picture. (For the most part, the assistants just helped with crowd flow & money taking. There weren’t taking pictures for people.)

There aren’t too many people who turn out to be taller than they look on tv, but he’s one of them! At this point I decided that it was time to call it a night and I headed back to the hotel with a it stop to grab my pillow & blanket. Back in the room lucky13charm & I threw the DVD of James’ 2004 Halloween concert & Q & A session in the laptop & settled in to watch the question session. I already knew at this time that I was going to be asking him about the Guthrie theater, but lucky13charm had no idea what, if anything, she would be asking. Sleep started taking over so we set the alarm and crashed.