September 13th, 2005

This land

Look at the shiny lights!

Crap. Spent most of the morning putzing around. Read for a while, threw some laundry in, took a shower, got some packages of CDs ready to mail off (Toronto & Massachusetts), then decided to hop online.
Wouldn't you just know that the gods of perfect timing decided that would be a good time for me to have an occular migraine. We'll switch to plan B since the glowing lights are in the way of the computer screen: time to make grilled cheese sandwiches!
Bite me!

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"Those people who were left homeless by the hurricane deserve it. They are the ones that chose to live 8 feet under sea level. We shouldn't be using government money to bail them out if they were stupid to live there in the first place and too stupid to leave..."

This is why I can't talk politics with my brother. He actually said all that believing every word. Luckily he didn't say it where any of the aunts could hear him, since they've been spending the last week making sure that their aunt & uncle, cousin, and cousin's kids are all safely evacuated and staying with another cousin with no possessions in the world other than what they could fit in the car when they left. It's things like that that make me wonder if we're really related...

In other hurricane relief news, one of my LJ friends was just flown down to Alabama today after volunteering with the Red Cross. With no money or stuff to donate she decided to donate herself instead and put her life on hold for an indefinite amount of time. Stay safe, Z. Update when/if you can.

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I just really liked these

From a fiction piece by twilightsfic:

The Rules of Life according to Xander

Rule 1: Never be ashamed of who you are.
Rule 2: Never be afraid to ask for what you want.
Rule 3: Think for yourself. Don’t blindly follow others.
Rule 4: Help those who can’t help themselves.
Rule 5: Fight Back.
Rule 6: When you find love, don’t let it go.

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This looks cool: PostCrossing
It's a site to send and receive postcards. You register. You tell them you want to send a postcard. They give you a name, address, and a postcard id to put on the card somewhere. You send the postcard. When the person gets it they register the unique id on the site which queues your name up to be given to someone else who wants to send. There is a limit of 3 per person at any given time. I currently have postcards on their way to Australia, Brazil, and France.
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Chiana & Gabe

Reason # 54881 why I love Chiana, my laptop

She has wireless internets and my school has wireless internets so I can use her in class instead of the school computers. I only need to log into one of those to transfer my finished assignment into the teacher's folder. So when I have finished what we are doing and the slow people are still working on it I have all my internet bookmarks and my iChat (AIM id is hellziggy, duh) and my emails and everything is all set the way I want it to be!