September 27th, 2005

Wish I Was Dead

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Hey kids,
I've been awfully quiet lately. I just haven't had much to chatter about other than the fire... Thank the gods everything else in my life is stable & boring right now, since that was enough excitement for a while.
School tonight. I'm really bummed about only having one class because I really like my school and my classes and learning stuff.
I'm completely apathetic about my job at the moment. But that's not really anything new, is it?
I'm bummed that Steve couldn't figure out the link to my gallery, because it works, dammit! And now I see that he's added another link to the page. I wonder if he's tried mine again...
Hey, mhuot, is the ftp working for the server yet? And if not, do we have an estimated time?
I'm totally looking forward to seen Serenity again on Friday! Although Rick & I haven't made our plans yet of where/when we are going. We have friends who are doing a show at the Brookdale 20, but I just really loathe the Regal Theaters.
I think part of the reason I've been feeling so scattered at work lately is that I am addicted to podcasts, so I listen to them instead of books. I'm used to listening to one book all day, and not jumping from subject to subject. I'm also getting a backlog of that I haven't listened to yet. My problem is that there are like four things I want to listen to at any given time and I can pretty much just liesten to two: one audiobook or podcast, and music in the background.
And my back is sore for no good reason. :(
And I'm down to only one Mtn Dew a day now and I haven't had today's yet. :(

Browncoats Unite!

From blond_bear and kokopellinelli when you see this on your friends list, quote Firefly:

Mal: Kaylee, what the hell's going on in the engine room? Were there monkeys? Some terrifying space monkeys maybe got loose?

and because I saw it twice, I'm gonna do two quotes...

Jayne: So, like, never?
Book: Well, no.
Jayne: Not ever, never?
Book: Some orders allow shepherds to marry, but I follow a narrower path.
Jayne: But you still got the urge. They don't... cut it off or nothin'?
Book: No, I'm more or less intact. I just direct my energy elsewhere.
Jayne: You mean like masturbatin'?