November 22nd, 2005

Chiana & Gabe

It's back!

The wireless network at school is back! Yay! Now I can cruise the 'net for porn during class again! :)
The login screen is different than before so I assume they figured out their security issues and fixed them.
*happy dance*
Moose on Mars


The teacher really seemed to like my assignment that I turned in tonight. It was the one where I had to illustrate the fortune I got in a fortune cookie. Mine was "You will travel to many places."


NaPiTaMo Day 21

The sunrise on my way to work this morning was AMAZING! It was all bright pink and orange and had ripply clouds and stuff. See:

Don't worry, I was parked at a stop light when I took that one.

This next one is crooked because I was driving, so I couldn't look through the view finder while taking it: