November 27th, 2005

Bite me!

Public Service Announcement

Here's a link that y'all should find useful, since LJ is still a butthead:

It just shows comments in your journal, but it also shows comments you have left in both yours and other peoples, so if there is one you thought you would get a reply to and you haven't it is easy to find.

*kicks LJ again*

So yeah, if you say something and I ignore you, it's not because I'm a bitch, it's because LJ is a bitch. I'm not saying I'm not a bitch, I'm just saying that it might not be why I'm ignoring you!
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Chiana & Gabe

"I have to go to Xander's house just to watch A Charlie Brown Christmas every year."

So, I'm sitting here working on me & Rick's Christmas letter.

Don't y'all be getting your hopes up though. It's been a while since one of these things has actually gotten mailed. Good intentions and all that crap.

I know I've said before that I would have one to send out, but I'm pretty sure it will happen this year. Yup, we will finally send out our 1999 Christmas letter...

Once I'm done with it, I will put out a call for all of your addresses, because I know that you just don't get enough of the hellbob & hellziggy love from our online posts, and you really just want to get your hands on this collectors item. Besides, if we don't send you Xmas cards & letters, how will you get our return address to send us gifts? Lots and lots of gifts!
Jon Stewart

Random Life

Geekgiving was good. The food was good. genevra didn't disguise the gravy or poison anyone. I love her mother-in-law who brought over three desserts because she "was making one of each anyway and it's just as easy to make two."
*edit* You will note that in the comments, genevra says that she hasn't poisoned anyone in years, not that she's never poisoned anyone...

My daddy & hellbob are trying to figure out the best way to wire our new garbage disposal. So far it seems relatively calm and hasn't degenerated into The Rick & Jim Show.

I haven't left the house today and have no ambition to do so. This means that today's picture will be somewhere in the house and most likely very boring.

We're ordering pizza for dinner because my lack of ambition extends to cooking.

It does not, however, extend to the Christmas letter which is actually done. First draft at least. I just have to have hellbob read it and tell me what I forgot, and do a few minor tweaks of things like margins. Then I need to get all the addresses together for sending them out...

Most of the pretty snow is mostly gone because it was warm today. And foggy.

I want chocolate.

We went to The Ice Harvest yesterday. Not quite the dark comedy the ads portrayed it as. More dark, not so much comedy. But it was good, because, duh, John Cusak. A John Cusak movie has a 95% chance of not sucking. Although I did notice that the older he gets, the more he looks like Alan Rickman.