December 6th, 2005


I'm stupid...

So, tomorrow is my last class this semester. The final assignment is a Quicktime portfolio of all my in class work and my assignments. It's due tomorrow. When do you think I started? ugh. It's just a bunch of monotonous using actions to format and cut & paste. Pretty much no creativity required. This is why I couldn't get excited about doing it sooner... If I didn't know that I'm pretty much guaranteed an A in the class I might have started sooner & put in more effort. Oh well... Back to work...
Gabe yawn

quittin' time

Bleah. I'm gonna give up for the night. I'm too tired to do any more of this crap.

Highlights of the day:
1. Shopping w/Jeanine for something to wear on Thurs. I got a super cute crushed velvet corset style top, along with a skirt & blazer to wear with it. It's also comfy and looks great on me! Shopping with Jeanine is quite the experience. She could have a job as a professional shopper!

2. My favorite person in Fargo called! Becca, who used to live with me and Rick and also has the matching Moose that was bought at the same time as mine. We got to talk for a while as I procrastinated on my homework!

Off to bed now.
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