December 23rd, 2005

Chiana & Gabe

I want my baby back!!

hellbob got a laptop for work and it has wireless. He figured we should switch the wireless to secured. Great theory, but we can't get it to work with Chiana, so right now my laptop can't connect to the internets. *sigh*
I'm on his laptop right now and there's no two-finger scroll on the touchpad, I can't use cmd/[ to go back a page, when I hold down the mouse button there's a 50/50 chance that it's actually the right mouse button, I don't have tabbed browsing. It's just not right!! I like using my computer with all the buttons and keys set up the way I like. I want MY internets back!!!
Fairy Spike


If you were to win two tickets to a concert, and your significant other didn't want to go with you, but you had several friends who would like to go, how would you decide who to take? The one you've known the longest? The one who has never seen this group in concert? Other criteria?