December 26th, 2005

Wish I Was Dead

4 down, 1 to go...

hellbob & I are home from todays holiday festivities.
We started out the day stopping at genevra & akdar's house to help them with the twins while they were busy suffering from food poisoning. After feeding the Monkeys & getting them up to their room for naps we left genevra & akdar to lay around being miserable.
Then we headed to the KalHouse to trade gifts with kaldeth, kalfoley, girl-child and boy-child. I got another Killer Bunnies expansion set! Yay! Also, hellbob had the package with my gift sent to their house so that I wouldn't accidentally open it. He found me a copy of the soundtrack to the movie "Legend!" I used to have a copy of it on cassette many many years ago (with Queen's "A Kind Of Magic" on the other side) but never actually owned it, but now I can listen to it again!
Then we headed to Rick's sister's house. We had porketta for dinner and the kids opened their presents. I made his sister cry when she opened one of the boxes from me... It had copies of her wedding pictures, and also pictures from the hospital from both when H was born and when D was born. We got a cool wine bottle decoration with lights in it, and some candles, and some ham, and a cookie jar, and some cookies. We ate porketta for dinner. hellbob & I also both got roped into doing computer tech support. Although I think genevra would have been more help than me, because I was helping J figure out how to use the Canon photo software, ZoomBrowser, and I haven't used it for a couple years. Ugh. It was another one of those laptops with the silly extra button under the touchpad.
We had porketta for dinner. Mmmmmm.
And now we're home and I'm going to bed. I feel like crap! Friday I was snuffly. Yesterday it had already moved down into my chest. Today I am coughing up lungs, but even worse than that is the achyness. I just have a dull ache EVERYWHERE! It almost feels like something is touching me just inside my skin. It just a weird feeling. It's not really pain, but it's definitely uncomfortable.
Ugh. Really hope I'm feeling better tomorrow. Or at least not any worse!

gonna die...

Well, hellbob is off with his relatives for Xmas, and I'm home laying on the couch because I can't breath and it hurts to move. I'm just achy all over. And i'm pretty sure i just horked up a lung... This cold moved right into my chest and i'm pretty sure I'll be dead before the end of the day. But I will die watching the baby Johnny Depp on 21 Jump Street.