December 28th, 2005

Martin Zellar

still alive... sort of

Didn't sleep much last night due to excessive coughing and pain. Called in sick to work and caught an extra hour of sleep before my doctor's appointment. As expected, "It's probably a virus." Although she did give me an antibiotic prescription and said that if things hadn't gotten better in about 3 days go ahead and fill that. But for now I just have my bottle of codeine cough syrup. My-y-y p-precious-s-s. Me loves my codeine. *clutches it to chest*
She also gave me a prescription for my Ritalin since she's my new dealer until I get a new shrink.
Now I'll be curled up for a while on the couch getting all rested for tonight's concert.
lump yawn

"Discovery Channel has monkeys. And our tape machine's all wonky."

OK internets. Amuse me. I'm bored. Dance, monkeys, dance!
I have codeine and I'm not afraid to use it.

The sucky thing about being sick between Xmas and New Years is that there really isn't much on the TiVo for me to watch. I just watched an old episode of "Close To Home." It's another average legal drama with nothing too remarkable about it. But it stars Jennifer Finnigan as an assistant DA (she's not really been in much other than the sitcom "Committed" which hellbob & I both loved) but the reason I started TiVoing it is because Christian Kane plays her husband. He's usually only in the beginning and/or end of the episode but he's very good at playing the adoring husband & father. I just hope she never sends him into the basement for a light bulb!

Oooh. I have Netflix. I don't remember what though...
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Christmas Cats

I been stalked! hee hee.

I don't know if y'all remember me mentioning the random dude who answered my 'give me your address' poll for the Xmas letters, but after he did that I went and randomly filled out someone else's Xmas letter poll. Today I got a lovely homemade card from neeroc. :) She put a return address on it and I haven't sent my cards yet so I'll have to be sure to send her a return one.
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Coverville contest

Brian at Coverville is doing an end of the year countdown of people's favorite covers. He's also doing a contest with snippets of 6 songs that will be in this year's countdown, that you have to name the title & artist of. Four of them had actual lyrics and the other two were just sort of la la la parts of songs. Two of them I got right off the bat, first listen, because they were two of the songs I'd voted for in the top 40. The other two with lyrics didn't take much listening to find. The two with no words sucked, but I finally found them! Yay!
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    Coverville 159: The 2005 Coverville Countdown part 1 - Brian Ibbott - Coverville
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