December 29th, 2005

Martin Zellar

"I wanna drive a Zamboni"

Just got home from the Gear Daddies.
Can't hear a damn thing. We were right at the front of the stage. I was at eye level with Martin's crotch and close enough that if I reached out my arm I could grab it. Don't worry, I didn't.
The boys were having fun, and that's what always gives a Gear Daddies show such good energy.
At the door I was asked if my t-shirt was vintage Gear Daddies. :) And yes, it is. This shirt was bought sometime between 1990 and 1992. I have another one exactly like it that is much more worn that I can't wear in public. This one only comes out on special occasions now.
The Stelzig parking gene was in full gear tonight as we snagged a metered spot directly across the street from the Fine Line.
The more the opening act, Ali Gray, played, the more I dug her. She has a beautiful voice.
I took over 200 photos and between the new camera and how extremely close we were I think I'm gonna have a lot of really good shots in there.
Now it is time to ny-quil & sleep. Theoretically I work tomorrow. bleah.
James & Moose

This is work?

Better living through chemistry!
I've gotta say, it's much better being at work today with codeine than it was on Tuesday without!

Also, I never expected that I would ever use this mood choice, so this is the first time i've seen what firefly pic they picked to go with it...