January 2nd, 2006

Virginia & Moose

teh Moose

For all you kids who have just recently joined the twisted world of Ms. HellZiggy, here is the story of teh Moose, because cathain_magi asked me about him:

I got Moose in January, 1996 shortly before me & hellbob moved down here to the real world. My friend Becca, who was our roomate in Fargo, and I came down to the cities a couple weeks before we moved so that we could do laundry. We were so poor that it was cheaper to do it that way because Kathy let us put the gas on her gas credit card & we used their washer & drier. When we stopped in Alexandria for gas we each got a matching Moose because they were cute. We wanted to both get the same one since I was going to be moving away. A month later I was going to Vegas for scubagrrl's wedding & I had to go by myself because we couldn't afford for hellbob to go to, so I took Moose along as a good luck charm. Since I went for the weekend with $100 cash & my return ticket home and still had about $5 when I got home I decided that he worked as a good luck charm. Then a couple months later when hellbob & I went to a concert with Jeanine and while there I found Moose in my bag. Since he had snuck in with us we included him in some pictures I took. After that I took him with sometimes and took pictures of him and at some point it turned into Moose always coming with. His first big trip was Arizona and since then he's travelled with me to LA twice, Vegas again, Seattle & Washington state and Toronto.

Here he is in LA. He went to a taping of the Tonight Show with us:

He's also been photographed with several people, mostly at sci-fi conventions. Now he also travels with other people. genevra & akdar took him on a 2 week tour of Italy, Jeanine took him to Mexico, chebutykin has taken him to BNAT in Austin, TX, and to Puerto Rico and scubagrrl took him to Finland. In the near future I think I shall mail him to England to visit dakegra, K, and the Beans.

Here he is at the Grand Canyon:

He actually has his own photo album in my gallery at: http://www.dreamflyte.com/gallery/Moose

When I went to Toronto I had more people ask me when I got home if I got Moose's picture taken with James Marsters than if I had.
I got to have my pic taken with James and I asked him if he would hold Moose for the picture and he did.


Y'all have today off work, don't you?

The internets are dead today. I'm at lunch and I didn't even have to go back on my friends page before hitting my posts from last night.

We got last Friday off instead of today.

If y'all haven't started listening to Coverville yet, the last few shows are good ones to jump in on since Brian had his listeners vote on their favorite covers. We could nominate one song, and then when the nominations were in he put together a ballot and we could vote on 5.

There were 5 shows with 8 songs each for the top 40 covers voted on by his listeners. #1 was Johnny Cash doing NIN's Hurt.


So go, listen, enjoy.

The song scramble contest that he had that I entered, I didn't win. But I was apparently one of only TEN people to get all six right. So yes, when he says Sharon Snyder when listing them, that is me.

Another cool thing... at the end of the show he's thanking people who've let him use their music, donated money or stuff, or just supported the show in some way. I was listening & completely surprised when he included me in the thank yous. That was pretty cool, cuz I don't really consider maintaining the uber-database of the show playlists to be work. Especially since updating it now consists of just copy/paste from the Coverville site.

So, if you ever wanna know if a specific song has been played on Coverville, or if an artist has either been covered or done a cover and Brian has played it, just let me know.

In other news, as you can see in teh pictures of lucky13charm's Jayne iHat, hellbob has his Nano. We ran to the Apple Store yesterday and exchanged the 2 GB I got him for a 4 GB (he was originally going to be getting a 4 GB, but they didn't have them in stock 4 days before Xmas...)

We just barely got to the store before closing, and while checking out I got to chat with s4 for a while.

Then we went and bought our copy of 40 Year Old Virgin, because Mark hadn't seen it yet. Funny funny stuff!

Pretty Gay Cowboys:
Southdale theater has Brokeback Mountain!! We need to go this week!! I don't know when. What works for you?


email from LJ:
"Your paid account add-on of Extra Userpics for LiveJournal user
will expire in 10 days, at which time your paid account will revert to
standard features."

Um. No.

I have a permanent account. I have 100 userpics and I don't have to pay for them. Well, we'll just wait & see what they do in 10 days...
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