January 11th, 2006


I learnin' stuff

I may actually be on LJ more today than usual because I'm in training, it's not too tough, and there is no one behind me to see my computer monitor... hee hee
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OMG! Am I bored!
I'm training on our new system at work and it's enough like the old one that I am bored & tired & zoning out, but there's enough new little details that I have to go through training. ugh.
At least I have the internets!!
Amuse me, minions!
Post funny things. Email funny no-sound things to [username]@gmail dot com.
Dance, monkeys, dance!!
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Hot Vamp


It's hard to quote a theme song's lyrics when there are no words!

The new Dr. Who is good. Hellbob & I have acquired some copies of it in DIVX format. Since we have to watch it on our computers I started watching it last night without him.
I got through the first two episodes, and lo, it was good!

I have fond memories of watching the Tom Baker episodes in my youth. It was on in 1/2 hour installments on channel 2 (PBS) at 5:30 every weeknight. Then at some point they moved it to a different time, and started doing them as full length movies and we stopped watching for some reason. I just never got back into them. I think I should watch some of the Tom Baker eps to see if it holds up to the memories...
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I had the first class meeting for Interpersonal Communications tonight. I wasn't looking forward to this class because speech: ugh! But it's not really much speacking, and the teacher seems really upbeat and fun. I might actually end up enjoying the class.