January 12th, 2006

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Another long day at work, to be followed by school tonight.

yaaren, if you're near the graphics dept from about 5:30 or so on, pop in and say hi (unless Will's talking of course, that would be rude)

So, apparently y'all were amused by my wonderful funny internet friends. :)
Now the pressure is on. You have to bring more of teh funny so I can do another of those posts, because I'm too lazy to submit to metaquotes even if that is where I first found some of you.

I think when I do them I'll stick with the format I used: Locked post if there are any about things like sex (or kids new toys) and no name credits so anonymous_greg won't be embarrassed when I talk about his gigantic pink jelly toy. Hee hee. Just kidding. That was someone else...probably. Unless you want credit for teh funny, of course. Then I will edit it to add it.


Class tonight was long. We sketched thumbnails for our first assignment & then put them on the board & discussed them. This ended up taking until 20 minutes past the end of class. Ugh.

When the college was getting the scheduling for the semester set up they forgot to take into account the space/time continuum. Specifically the fact that when the department has two rooms that have computers in them you can not schedule three classes that want to use computers.

My to do list for tomorrow:
stop at bank to get the savings bond ordered for Xander's first birthday.
get a new laptop battery
stop at circuit city to buy BSG on DVD if they will let me use the $10 off coupon
get those christmas cards signed & envelopes stuffed.
copy dr who xmas and get it to mle292
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