January 16th, 2006


"Mm, Florida. Just think somewhere in this state right now Jeb Bush is eating a live puppy."

Well, looks like hellbob & I aren't going to go to Florida. It was just too short of notice for anyone to come with us to help with sharing the costs. We do plan on going at some point though. Just not at the end of January.

This also means that I won't get to meet spankspike & girlpire and drive hellbob crazy with three women all babbling about how much we love Spike.

My cousin wants to take her little girl back to Disney, but she wants to go for a full week rather than just a weekend so we're going to consider that. Also, there was much interest in a large group going to Vegas in the fall. I dunno.

I think for the long weekend hellbob and I will be going to spend the weekend in the Wisconsin Dells because it's close enough to drive, but it will still get us out of town. If we decide on that for sure, then we will have to either go to Madison or you Madison people will have to come to us. OK, bloodlossgirl, bleaknimue, sleepingzebras, etc?? Cuz from looking at the map, Madison is pretty close to the Dells.

Not a lot else new in life...

I'm working on making Jayne hats for Mike & Beth.

I got to hang out with genevra and the monkeys today. Yup, still have the cutest niece & nephew ever!

Went to the KalHouse last night to play Killer Bunnies with kaldeth, kalfoley, YoungestGirlChild, and hellbob. Now that I have ALL the boosters available that is a ridiculous amount of cards! :)

I didn't work on the Christmas letters at all this weekend, but I did put together two jigsaw puzzles.

On Thursday night when I was in class the teacher, (he's the same one I had for Photoshop last semester) after asking how my break was, asked if Moose had gotten to go anywhere interesting over break. He agreed that Iowa isn't that interesting.

I've watched all the Doctor Whos now. Now I need Season 2!

Through the Coverville christmas shows I discovered a new band that I just love: Save Ferris. I'm told that their style of music is ska, which I had heard of but had no idea what is was. All I know is that I used the Tower Records certificate Brian had sent me to get their two albums and I really like 'em!

I've also been enjoying the heck out of the ADDCast. Paul has a lot of the same geek interests as me and when he wanders off on tangents my ADD brain has no problem following his. *grin* Although when he suggested I send an audio comment I declined. Like most people, I hate the way my voice sounds on recordings. I'll stick to email, thank you very much.

I'm thinking that i need to make a 'covers' playlist in iTunes because I've been collecting so darn many of the things lately.

There's a guy I work with who is in a band. They have an album that will be coming out in early February. The band is called Vicious Aloysius. The album will be called Cavell. They have a myspace page where you can hear samples of the music:
clicky for the myspace page

Alright kids. I'm gonna stop babbling now and head to bed. I have to work tomorrow, unlike some other people in this house. :(