January 25th, 2006



At work, but kinda miserable. I have a sore throat and a bit of congestion/snufflyness. Know why? Because I have a 4 day weekend and plans for said weekend. Bleh.

I've got school tonight - Interpersonal Communications. I may actually be available on AIM or MSN messenger though, depending on if I keep them open. They've really improved the wireless coverage since last semester. Really strong signals on all the floors now.

Having my laptop in class makes a world of difference in taking notes. She's got the powerpoints for her lectures out there on the student network, so I can pull that into word to start with an outline and just add my extra notes to that. And, unlike my handwriting, I can read it!

Finally done with my project for tomorrow. Having to do the illustration myself was a bitch! Luckily I don't have any problems using Illustrator, I just have problems with things like drawing a face that doesn't look retarded!

Getting closer to having the Christmas Groundhog's day letter & cards ready to go out. I'm just burning the last few CDs for those of you who get music. I've also still got to finish packaging up some dirty words to send to Iceland. :) I would imagine shipping to Iceland isn't any more expensive than England, is it?

Well, lunch is over. Back to the grind...


My Spam filter is usually better at picking these things out... I just got an email with the subject: "UPSET BCOZ OF UR SHORT DlCK? LONGER 2" WITH THIS"
I think I'm more upset about the gratuitous capitalization and bad spelling than by my short dick!