January 26th, 2006

Kill friends

My flist makes me laugh...

More of the funny from my flist...
And, as always, they are all anonymous-like but I'll give you credit if you like.

~~I clicked on an LJ cut that said
( TO DO list - just being organized, is all )
and this is what I found under it:

1. Jack Davenport
2. Vincent Kartheiser
3. Johnny Depp
4. Possibly my husband
5. Logan Echolls
6. that hot guy that bags my groceries
7. the guy? in the commerical? with the hair?
8. the HOTTTTTTT waitress at my favorite sushi bar -jesus.

~~From an 'explain your LJ interests' meme:
gay vampire porn:
Again, how can I not? It's the foundation of civilization, everyone knows that. You know, the old story: And so God created a vampire and it was hot. And the vampire said: What's the use in being hot if no one can see me. I can't even see myself! No reflection and what the hell is that about anyway? And God said: Uh, sorry? And the vampire said, Yeah, you should be. Or better yet, get me a hot vampire to make out with. And so it was. And as one vampire lay eyes on the otheer vampire there was instant gayness. And after some grunting and growling there was sex. And God said: Holy moly, why didn't I do this sooner? And so he videotaped the whole thing and so there was porn.
spike slash:
Where there is Spike there is slash. Or there should be. Because a Spike without slash is like a kid without an icecream on a hot summer's day. Very, very sad.
william the bloody:
Whether it's William the bloody awful poet or William the Bloody, period, there is something about that man that makes you want to... okay, one of them you want to cuddle, the other you want back slowly away from. But they both have great hair!

~~In comments about a fic:
I see you've obviously picked up on the interlayered subtextual metaphors and subtly planted references to the Bible, Plato and Martha Stewartian philosophy I so seamlessly intervwove into this neoclassical work of art.
...no, just kidding. It's crack.

~~From a Canadian the night before the election:
Her: I'm pretty sure the friend of Bush, anti-gay rights, anti-choice, pro-private education and health care, pro-high income bracket and tax cuts, Stephen Harper is going to win a majority...so to quote Ed Helms of the Daily Show, "If you want to have gay sex or visit a library, tonight is probably your last chance to do so. Personally, I'll be killing two birds with one stone." HA! I haven't been to a public library in forever and well, I've never had gay sex, but I'm always up for trying something new and since it might be my last chance...I'm so there ;)
Me: Sounds like the public library is the place to be in Toronto tonight! ;)
Her: lol...aren't libraries always party central?
Me: Well yeah, but I'm usually having just regular old straight sex back in the Biography section. Gay sex in the library is a special occasion! :)
Fairy Spike

Words & Music

I'm out of work until Tuesday!
I'm going to the Wisconsin Dells tomorrow!
hellbob is going too!
We're going to get to meet raven_arani & genpyris in real life for the first time!
R_A has assured me that they aren't scary serial killers!
We're also going to drive down to Madison and see bloodlossgirl & hopefully sleepingzebras and bleaknimue!
I'm really happy with the way my project turned out for this class!
lucky13charm called right when I was leaving work and our copies of James Marsters' Words & Music arrived today!
My Tom Bihn bag has shipped!

I'm in a good mood right now... Can you tell?
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