February 2nd, 2006


Not at work anymore!

It feels like I left early even though I was there from 7am to 3:30. That's cuz normally Thursday is one of the days that I work an extra hour so I can leave early on Friday. We didn't do flex schedules this week though because of the new system. I had been planning on staying until my usual 4:30 and getting an hour of overtime in, but I just didn't feel like it! So now I am relaxing at school until my 5:30 class instead of getting here just before it starts.
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    Ballad For My One True Love - Mason Jennings - Birds Flying Away

Do any of you want to hurt your brain???

I know I've mentioned to y'all how wicked funny stoney321 is.

Have I also mentioned that this girl is broken inside? Seriously cracked.

She will write fiction that is wonderfully funny and at the same time leaves you saying to yourself "What the fuck did I just read? Did she really do that?"

Today she was taking requests from people for fiction drabbles. Someone suggested Chewbacca because of a recent mention of him.

The crazy bitch actually wrote it!

For the love of god, don't click this link if you don't want your brain to go *squish* Because it will.

I warned you! If you click and are irreparably damaged it's your own fault!