February 8th, 2006


Tales of an average life...

Aeryn Sun, my iPod, has been acting up for about a week and a half since right after the trip to the Dells. When I turn her on she's working fine and then after a while the center button stops working. If she's turned off for a while it will start working again. How long it works for correlates directly to how long she's turned off. Also, if she is charging when turned off the button doesn't start working.

So, after work I went to the Apple store to have the geniuses look at her. She worked perfectly. The button never stopped working. Grr. This wasn't something that was sporadic. It would stop working literally every time I used her. I think she just wanted to go visit her homeland...

lucky13charm went to Southdale with me and we stopped at Games By James. I asked if they had any Killer Bunny promo cards and they did! I've got the Dago Bunny now. Of course, since he looks like Yoda it just leaves me wondering where Chewie is... I got outta there without spending money, but Lucky bought herself the next booster she needed since she will be seeing her family this weekend and she's gotten them hooked on the Bunnies after buying it because I got her hooked!

I got my lazy ass onto the DDR tonight. Did the light workout mode. Did 10 songs and it didn't totally kick my ass. I probably could have done more but I figured I shouldn't push it when it had been so long since the last time I exercised.

I stopped and saw gigglemonkey_b and technomonkey_m yesterday after work. I swear, they just keep getting cuter and smarter!!

The holiday cards I mailed yesterday have already started showing up in local mailboxes! Damn, I'm impressed w/the USPS. Not only were they only mailed yesterday, but it was after 4pm when I dropped them off! Also, the package I sent to Iceland arrived safe & sound today!! I think felisblanco liked the Magnetic Poetry set: "OMG!! OMG!! OMG!! I have a porny magnetic poetry kit!! Hubby says we can never have people over again ever! LMAO This is so cool!! *bounces like a bunny on speed* I'm seeing all sorts of possibilities with that poetry kit, most of them involving getting people drunk and then letting them loose on the fridge! Bwhahahahaha!!" I'm glad ya liked it! It's so sad that Iceland doesn't have Magnetic Poetry. Everyone should have some on their fridge!

In other news, the LJ Haiku meme is going around again. :)
LiveJournal Haiku!
Your name:hellziggy
Your haiku:network the worm which
uses the lure of sexually
explicit images
Created by Grahame

hey bloodlossgirl

When we were in Madison you mentioned a song with 'vampire' in the title and I wasn't sure if I had it and/or had heard it. What was it?

And if any of you are curious as to why/how a person would have 13 songs in her iTunes with the word
'vampire' in the title, it is because of Mountain Dew. Last year when they did the free songs under the cap promotion, between my addiction and my friends who were addicted but didn't use iTunes I managed to acquire somewhere in the neighborhood of 100-120 free songs. When I couldn't think of what to download next I would do random word searches in the iTunes Music Store. The words couldn't be too common though because there would be too many hits. I was watching Buffy one night while doing this...

The word search method is also how I ended up with 5 songs with Minneapolis in the title, four of which are just called 'Minneapolis'
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