February 21st, 2006

Godzilla Grouse

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Lunch is almost over.

I don't wanna go back to work.

I should post more of my random facts.

Y'all have amused me again so I think it's also time for a "Funny things wot my Flist said" post.

And I can't do those things if I have to work.

Must. Win. Lottery.
Kill friends

friends list quotes

OK people. For some reason even though I remember y'all being really funny this week I have failed in my quest to find all the funny. (Of course, the reason I post your funny here instead of metaquotes is because I am lazy, so consequently I'm not gonna go looking really hard...)
So anyway, here are a few quotes for your amusement. :)

~~This one is from a description of a dream:
"On the bed is this 2 foot tall, redheaded, hairy guy with pointed ears.
...and he's completely naked and shaking his junk at me while making obscene gestures."
Best part about this quote? I had completely missed the subject line saying it was a dream until after I read this & went WTF?

~~ The class was talking about sexual and social taboos...
"Any day where you get to talk intellectually about adolescent butt sex at 9 a.m. has potential, does it not?
( Buttsex or no, I'm glad to be back in classes again. )"

~~ Why wasn't my mommy this entertaining when I was getting college solicitations? mle292 comments on the college mail Squeaky is getting.
"Dear sirs,
Thank you for your recent request that my daughter apply at your University. Please be advised that my daughter will be unable to attend any educational (and I use that term loosely in this case) institution that includes either the word "Christian" or the word "Texas" in the title.

~~ And, of course, the oh so quotable stoney321
"Apologies for not updating sooner - I blame the flu. And George Bush, because he's to blame for everything."

~~ Father/daughter time at the Wal-Mart
"Of course we headed over to the toy section and we played with the $1.00 Batman masks. She finally figured out that if she leaves it on her face, she can be Batman. I on the other hand, I had a Darth Vader mask, and I wouldn't leave it on unless Xxxxx left the Batman mask on. So we were strolling through Wal-Mart with our respective masks on."
Hot Vamp

Random amusement

I just threw the Angel Season 1 Disc 1 into the DVD player. The first group of vamps that
Angel fights? Led by Sawyer. Who knew a vamp could survive on a sunny deserted isle? *giggle*