February 25th, 2006


My lazy afternoon

I was outta work today at 1:00 and I knew I wouldn't have a husband all night since he was locked in a basement with other geek boys all shooting each other on the computer. So when genevra asked if I wanted to come over I said sure and then I invited lucky13charm to come over to play with the monkeys & then play Killer Bunnies after they went to bed.

When I left work I went to Barnes & Noble and spent quite a while browsing. I ended up picking up book 4 of the Dresden series since there have been no plans yet to have James Marsters read for the audio version. I also got a Laurel K Hamilton book. Looks like this one will be more wereleopard porn than vampire porn.

I also spent a while drooling over the Photoshop books I want, specifically the O'Reilly Press Cookbooks series. But I wasn't going to pay full price at the store when I could get 30% off & free shipping online. So I caved and ordered Photoshop Blending Modes for Digital Photographers.

After the bookstore I headed to genevra's house where the monkeys were upstairs taking naps. Since she was tired too genevra went upstairs to take a nap and I ended up getting one in on the couch downstairs. :)

whoa, i'm totally falling asleep at the keyboard here so I'll write more tomorrow...
Killer Bunny!

Yesterday, continued

After our naps the kids were just running around being all cute. After a bit lucky13charm showed up and we played with the kids some more. Then we all had dinner, the kids got a bath and went to bed, and we broke out the Killer Bunnies cards.

Now genevra had played once before and she thought it was just "ok" but she wasn't hooked. Mwah ha ha. She's hooked now!
Unfortunately for us she had about the luckiest draws EVER the first game. She had this gigantic Bunny army and me 7 lucky13charm had nuthin'. Whe one that game just because a t the end she was the only one who even had bunnies.
We ended up playing 3 games & going until 1am.

Yay bunnies!!