February 28th, 2006


It ought to be a holiday...

Sometime between today and tomorrow for that 1/4 of a second or so when time stands still it is a very important anniversary for hellbob & I.

February 29, 1996.

Ten years ago we packed all our belongings into a UHaul trailer and escaped from Fargo-Moorhead.
We pretty much didn't have a penny to our name but thanks to my parents we had a place to live here in the Cities and a chance at a fresh start.
The Sharon & Rick of ten years ago would not have ever been able to even dream of owning a house or a new car. They couldn't afford to go to college. And luxuries like Tivo & iPods & laptops weren't even thought about.
We also didn't know most of y'all.

It's not often you can look at one single event and see how much it changed your life. This one changed ours for the better.

So everyone, raise your glasses in a toast, for I declare today to be a holiday!

Today is Fargo Hegira Day!

Hegira ( hiˈjīrə; ˈhejərə ): an exodus or migration. ORIGIN via medieval Latin from Arabic hijra 'departure,' from hijara 'emigrate.'
Chiana & Gabe


So, just curious. Do any of y'all use del.icio.us?
Now that I've been using them for a while I'm completely addicted to using tags in my journal. (although I've been a big ol' procrastinator about tagging the previous 3 years of entries!)
I really like the way my bookmarks are currently set up in Safari, but I'm thinking that it would be nice to find stuff from any computer.
But aren't del.icio.us tags public? So what if I tagged my bank's homepage? Obviously people wouldn't be able to log into my accounts, but I don't really want everyone to know where I bank, what credit cards I have, who my phone company is, who my electric company is, etc. They're not secret or anything. It's just not something that one should advertise.