March 7th, 2006

Me & Oscar

What's a hellziggy been up to lately?

Short version:

1. Most of y'all know that pied_piper70's lovely wife, Miss Rachel, passed away last Sunday. Monday night the comedy benefit for her & pied_piper70 went on as planned. In a fitting tribute to Rachel we all laughed our butts off for two hours.

2. Wednesday I had my mid-term for Interpersonal Communications. I got 89% on it, so a B, but only one point shy of an A. Should still pull off an A for the class.

3. Thursday afternoon was the memorial for Rachel. I saw many people I don't see often enough.

4. Thursday night was the INXS concert. It had originally been scheduled for the beginning of February but the lead singer had gotten bronchitis and so the Mpls show was rescheduled.

5. bleaknimue came into town for MarsCon and was staying at our house. We came home from the concert to find her in the dining room getting her root things ready for the art show.

6. Friday evening hellbob & I headed out to the convention. We met Dean Haglund and I got his photo with Moose. We also had tickets for his hilarious improv comedy show. hellbob headed home early and I spent a few more hours wandering the convention & parties.

7. Saturday we spent the whole day at the con. I got Gigi Edgely's photo with Moose & my Chiana. I also got to spend a lot of time chatting with various people.

8. Sunday was my cousin's baby shower out at my mom's house. I saw my aunts & my cousins & my monkeys. technomonkey_m even picked me over grandpa at one point! I win!

9. Sunday night was the Oscars. We had a pretty full house for them, and hellbob used a trick picked up from Cheb's movie parties and put a tv in the dining room that was hooked to the livingroom one so that we had room for an overflow of people.
And that's what I've been up to...

Long version:

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