March 9th, 2006

Me & Oscar

How many degrees am I?

dibsy was talking about six degrees of separation/Kevin Bacon in his LJ.

So, a challenge to y'all... Name someone and I'll figure out if I can link myself to them in six degrees or less.

Doesn't have to be an actor, but someone like "Joe Smith" in Pennsylvania wouldn't work, because I have to be able to know who they are to connect myself.

I am no more than 4 degrees from Kevin Bacon. I could probably bring it down to only two or three with a little bit of effort... but I don't feel like going through the casts of Kevin Bacon's movies at the moment.

I met Adam Baldwin at a convention
Adam Baldwin was in Full Metal Jacket with Matthew Modine.
Matthew Modine was in Notting Hill with Julia Roberts.
Julia Roberts was in Flatliners with Kevin Bacon.
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Cowboy Monkey


Yay! I didn't have to pay anything to file my taxes! State Farm Insurance has a deal where their customers can file w/Turbo Tax without paying any fees. Yay!

*edit* Even if you've already started entering the stuff in Turbo Tax online you can still get the free filing. Just make sure that before you get to the page where it lists the charges for Turbo Tax that you use the link on the State Farm page to get to Turbo Tax. Before finding out about the State Farm thing it was going to cost almost $50 for TT & TT state. But now, free!
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